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Fundamentally shift team collaboration through compassion based, human centered thinking.
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Move teams, businesses, and products forward with clarity using evidence based practices.
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Accessible and actionable insights are foundational to cohesive product design.
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Leave people feeling engaged & connected through thoughtful, intentional, & beautiful design.

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The Team

Bayley McDaniel

Product designer and brand strategist by trade, Bayley has helped launch 20+ companies from concept to enterprise partnerships. Over four years, she helped clients raise $22M and secure partnerships with Kaiser Permanente, Boston Scientific, NHS, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.

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Aurora Quinn-Elmore
Director of Product

Aurora’s drive to understand how organizations can help people solve problems that are important to them has fueled her work as a product manager and entrepreneur over the last seven years. She has worked across industries in web security, elearning, and fintech building products for consumer, small business, and enterprise markets.

Whitney McDaniel

Human interaction research and design is a personal and professional passion of Whitney’s. She believes it bridges the worlds between capitalistic productivity and human understanding. Whitney has saturated herself in a broad stroke of company models - from big corp to Silicon Valley start ups working across over 30 highly technical teams over 5 years.

Monsserratt Velazquez
DESIGN engineer | UI/UX

Design Engineer background with over 10 years of experience over many branches of graphic design landing in UX/UI Design. Learning to integrate her collective knowledge into each line of work, creating effective visual material that supports team and client projects achieve their goals.

Bien Pham
Creative Director

Throughout Bien’s journey, he’s been able to learn the business of design along with industry-leading technology within the entertainment industry and apply them to various sectors from science and biomedical to thought leadership. Valuing the importance of research and networking, as well as the significance and impact of higher education and pursuing knowledge from its purest and most credible sources. And aspires to pass on his knowledge and experiences in pursuing art as a career to others.

Milica Ilicic
Writing Consultant

Milica is an interdisciplinary scholar with expertise in communicating across contexts. At Columbia University, she has taught courses in literature, philosophy, and language. Milica will receive her Ph.D. in Slavic and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in 2022. Her dissertation explores structures of communication that foster curiosity, generosity, and openness to difference.

Designers Making a Lasting &
Positive Impact

Using human centered design & advocacy branding to build a world we all want to live in.

The Work

Product Design / App re-design
related work link to previous case study
Team Training/ Web Desgin

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