Finding Relief for Patients with Chronic Conditions

San Francisco Preventive Medical Group is a practice for patients suffering from chronic conditions, dedicated to alleviating the source of their pain through a variety of integrative and holistic medical practices.
July 2021
Most chronic conditions aren’t registered in the CDC, resulting in minimal knowledge of chronic pain and a lack of understanding how to care for these patients.  We designed a solution to help people suffering from chronic pain understand the source of their conditions more deeply and determine if ketamine would be the proper treatment in their path to recovery.
research & Strategy
Speaking with existing patients and other people with chronic conditions and regularly testing the content, we were able to get to identify what information would help patients feel confident and comfortable in assessing the impact ketamine would have to their recovery.
The brains role in recovery
“The Brain’s Role in Recovery”  is dedicated to educating patients the on feedback cycle between physical and mental distress — and how ketamine can help treat this cycle that often accompanies chronic medical conditions.
The neuroscience of ketamine
Many patients in the western world are looking for a tangible, scientific understanding of their chronic conditions. “The Neuroscience of Ketamine” emphasizes the neural connections created from periods of intense stress — such as a chronic medical condition — and ketamine’s ability to restore healthy brain function.
Ketamine is growing in popularity, but is widely unknown to the major population. To help patients feel more at ease we have outlined a clear treatment plan and timeline, along with other things to expect from the treatment.
The designs are an intersection of neurological and psychedelic perspectives inspired by cellular and neurological anatomy combined with the visual phenomena ketamine creates.

Many doctors simply aren’t educated about chronic conditions, leaving patients to feel outcasted from having to tirelessly advocate for themselves.  The Voice & Tone of this content was to ensure they feel respected, heard, and understood.


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Founder, AuraVenture Labs

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