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David Schnur Associates is a medical device design & development consultancy with a specialized network of manufacturing partners. Providing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative design solutions to companies of all sizes.
September 2019
DSA has a wide variety of complex services that needed to be created into a cohesive online experience.

Poesis & Praxis brought online credibility and increased lead generation online by curating an intuitive website, emphasizing DSA’s in depth understanding of medical device design, development, and manufacturing.
Customer interviews with R&D Engineers illuminated the difficulties experienced when considering outside consultation and searching for materials online, pointing to how we could  make this into an engaging and educational experience.

Surveys of competitor services and product descriptions contrasted market differentiators and industry standards for created a consistent and intuitive solution for R&D Engineers  and Supply Chain Managers.

Usability studies kept the project clear and on track, refining our understanding of their needs and design decisions.

Analytics helped focus customer interviews and track engagement rates, guiding our path forward.
An in depth experience was created to generate trust and credibility, addressing the specific problems DSA supports  for both R&D Engineers & Supply Chain Managers.

“The DSA Stage Gate” - a detailed and engaging service design experience, accentuating the variety of services offered across the entire medical device design and development process.

A collective blueprint of services tailored to the primary needs of R&D Engineers and Supply Chain Managers when designing or developing a new medical device.
DSA’s web experience has been built to surface their expertise in the industry, being depended on as a source of information esteemed by professionals in the medical device industry. Poesis & Praxis has accomplished this through a series of key information experiences. 1. A materials portal for R&D Engineers who are in the prototyping phase, identifying what material will work best for their device design. 2. When users find new businesses online, one of the first things they want to know, is who they are, what they do, and what qualifies them to be trustworthy? For this we created an in depth experience, speaking specifically to the two archetypes DSA works with, how DSA supports them within each step of the design and development process, and how DSA has cultivated their area of specialization in the medical industry.
Poesis & Praxis reimagined characteristically dense content to engage customers, guiding users to more easily digest critical  information bits.

Through sleek interactions, smooth transitions, custom illustration, and quality stock imagery, we have seen an upsurge in user engagement.
DSA’s visual and content design now reflects their legacy and uniqueness in an otherwise regulated and defined industry. Accomplished through sharp contrast, clean imagery, and conversational, yet directive tone.

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